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You were made for this


The DTS (Discipleship Training School) at YWAM Tahlee combines face-to-face teaching and hands-on experience in a full-time discipleship community which equips students with practical skills for ministry. This holistic program covers the full range of ministry foundations – from Biblical training and cross-cultural communication through to working in teams and personal leadership.

DTS is a rich spiritual experience where you will be inspired to pursue a deep relationship with God. We provide an environment in which you will learn how to personally apply Biblical truths and be challenged as your character grows to reflect Christ more and more.

There is no limit to the possibilities of where God might take you through a YWAM DTS. This accredited course is designed to give you the knowledge, support and practical experience you need to powerfully live out your calling.

Get to know God intimately.

Allow God to confirm your identity and shape your character.

Discover how your passions can be used for God’s purposes.

Share your faith with boldness.

You were made for this

Presence Centred

YWAM Tahlee is a non-profit, international and interdenominational Christian organisation focusing on community development, youth mentoring, training and global outreach. We are part of an international movement called YWAM (Youth With A Mission).

YWAM Tahlee is committed to providing a space for young and old to encounter God’s presence and raising up missional minded individuals to serve in all areas of society.