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You were made for this


Do you remember that one person you looked up to during your teenage years? Do you desire to be that person for someone else? As lovers of Christ, we have the ability to influence those around us. Today’s youth have a silent yet desperate cry for love, hope and acceptance, and as we develop our own identity in Christ, we receive the keys to dismantle the attacks against our generation: hopelessness, depression, anxiety and despair.


We believe all are called to live with a missional mindset and serve God wherever you are, whether that is in a foreign country or your workplace at home. Our training will equip you with practical skills to live and serve in whichever area of society God has called you to.

Further Study

“I never imagined I would complete a university degree, however, I’ve never regretted taking the time to pursue further training. YWAM’s university has allowed me to complete a degree whilst being actively involved in ministry in many cross cultural settings.”
– Kelcie Rausch


“Sports DTS helped me realise sports are not only a passion of mine but a platform to reach out with the Gospel in both word and actions. DTS gave me a great kick-off for my future work with building and spreading wellness to body, soul and spirit.”
– Emmy Leander

Personal Calling

“YWAM laid a firm foundation for my future. Transitioning into business and communications, the skills I developed in YWAM were not only relevant but also desired. YWAM equipped me for a lifetime of impact through my character, career and relationships.”
– Robert Willingham